Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon Overview

The introductory paragraph from the 1997 paper Report on the Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary Project still provides a good summary of the goals of the project and its accompanying web site :

The Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon (CDSL) project undertakes to digitize and merge the major bilingual Sanskrit dictionaries compiled in the 19th century. Its aim is to provide a basic lexical corpus to provide an easy access to all available meanings of Sanskrit words and to allow the creation of a number of computer programs that will help to analyze Sanskrit texts.

According to the web-site’s home page, there are digitizations of:
  • 11 bilingual Sanskrit-English dictionaries

  • 3 English-Sanskrit dictionaries

  • 2 Sanskrit-French dictionaries

  • 5 Sanskrit-German dictionaries

  • 1 Sanskrit-Latin dictionary

  • 2 Sanskrit-Sanskrit dictionaries

  • 10 specialized dictionaries.

Each of these dictionaries has a suite of 4 displays.