Sanskrit Lexicon Correction Form

Due to a variety of factors, there are inevitably errors in the digitizations of the dictionaries. The users of the dictionaries are the best source for finding digitization errors. A uniformly designed Correction Form allows a user who finds a digitization error to submit the error to the maintainers of the Cologne Sanskrit-Lexicon web site.

Within the Youtube tutorial (starting at minute 10:00) for the Basic Display, there is an example of how to use the Sanskrit Lexicon Correction Form.

We encourage users to submit corrections when they find digitization errors.

What kinds of errors do we correct?

In brief, we correct errors which occur due to a discrepancy between the digitization and the corresponding scanned image.

For instance, if the display for a dictionary showed dag in a place where the scanned image showed dog, then this would be an error in the digitization which should be corrected.

Thus, we encourage you to check the scanned image when you see something that you suspect to be an error. If you’ve checked the scanned image and confirmed that the display is showing something that is different, then we hope you will use the Correction Form to submit a correction.

What happens to submitted corrections?

When you submit a correction, it is saved in a form and a message is sent to our staff.

We then examine the correction, and, if we concur, then we go through the steps required to correct the digitization.

This correction phase may take place within a week, or it may take a month; but we do aim to process your correction.

If you wish to be notified when the correction is made, you can leave your email address in the correction form.